The Magical Battle for America 9.10.17



So, whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are just now joining us:  Welcome!  Here we are, in the ninth month of the Trump Interregnum, and we are still alive, still fighting, still Resisting!  A lot of people thought that the Resistance would last a month or two, spend itself in some marches, and then go away.  But, as my sweatshirt says, “We’re the Majority, and We’re Still Here.”

I have a request.  If you do, or have done, any of these workings, I’d love to get your reactions in comments.  If you’ve read Dion Fortune’s book, the Magical Battle of Britain,     upon which these workings are based, you know that there was a continual back-and-forth between the group sending out weekly workings and Albion’s magical army.  What’s worked (or hasn’t)?  What messages are you getting?  What do you see?

Today, we’re going to work with…

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