Don’t mess with Free Will of others.

It seems that every other day at least, I see someone asking about love spells. They ask, where can I find a spell to make someone love me or to find love from some person not specified.  There are also people that ask about how to bind someone or make them stop doing something, or to go away, or I don’t know, shut-up maybe? So, the usual answer I give is along the lines of “I don’t do Love spells”, and I suggest that they rather perform spellwork to make them into the kind of person that the other would notice.  Yes, I know that not everyone is Wiccan and that the Wiccan Rede is not their mandate, or law et cetera. So, I wish to try to address a broad audience with my reasoning.

First is the problem of trust. If I influenced another person to love another person, without their consent or knowledge then I feel that I have broken trust with both the one I compelled to love another, as well as the person for which that I did the spell. Will he or she trust that I am not using some compulsion on them? Perhaps I have used my influence on them in the past, or perhaps in the future.  Also, as far as trust goes, for the person that requested it, is the other in a relationship with them only due to the spell? Do they truly love them? Can he believe that the other loves only him, and no other? It’s a case of being very careful of what you ask for, you may get it.

Next, there’s the matter of my own Karma or spiritual debt to the higher powers. I have lessons to learn. I have yet to become a perfect being. I, like all others, have to face the Guardian of the Western Gate, all of my choices, words, and deeds. I must face the full truth of all of the consequences of those. No filter of my Ego to blunt the full abominable truth of this current life. All of the little lies that we tell ourselves, as well as others, come home to roost. If not during my current life, then upon the death of this current incarnation.

I also have to face Goddess and her Consort both during and after this life. Aphrodite and her helping lesser Gods have the agency that I, a mere mortal, do not. I cannot assume. Yes, I’m referring to love spells in this, but the other compulsions will be the same arguments. I have to listen to Athena, for her wisdom, and I am told to mind my own business, not interfere with someone else’s free will. Hera also tells me that both parties should be in a relation of their own volitions, and then faithfully carry out their vows to each other.  Circe, in my opinion, was misusing her power when she used her potions to change Odysseus’ men into pigs, and compel him to love her, to remain there with her, rather than return to his wife. Yes, other Gods from Olympus were involved.

Magick can be broken, eventually, and there are repercussions. I know I’ve talked about the threefold (or actually multiple) returns, more like ripples in a pond. Every action has a reaction. Every thought can harm or heal, as well as words. When the bird comes home to roost, be wary, you may get pecked.

Most importantly, Compulsion without consent amounts to psychic rape. Rape, of course, is not about sex, but about power over someone.  It’s abusive, it’s just a horrible thing to either experience and causes many other problems for the victims, as well as earning a special place in hell for the perpetrators. In allowing or assisting another person to uses of magick to take away another person’s free will, then it is the same as holding the victim down while the other has their way.  Not a good thing to have on one’s conscious either. No, I won’t go down that path. I will not do it to someone, nor help someone do it to another.

So, you want someone to fall in love with you? Know yourself. Get to know the other person. Do you have qualities of your own life that are compatible? Interests? Common beliefs? Are you willing to change your life to make yourself the person the other would be able to love? I’m not talking about faking it until you make it. I’m talking, really change yourself, but also realize, that it may still not be in the stars for you to be together. But, you can make yourself into a better person that can still find love from another human.

If it harms none, do as you will.

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